Fireplace Design for Modern Style Living Ideas

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One of the most common places for any fireplace design, the living room is the most welcoming area for most fireplaces. A large hearth and mantle typically accommodate the living room fireplace. Living room designs can benefit from wood mantelpieces and stone hearths for a rustic feel or provide a sleek marble surface that suits the more modern designed living room space.

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Adding a fireplace in your living for instance can be a great way of making your room more romantic. Such elements are great looking in each room they are put but while we don't use them we have to make sure that they are nicely decorated. Some simple decorations will surely enhance the beauty of a fireplace and make it more interesting. However, there is one thing that you should keep in mind and that is: symmetry.

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This is very important if you don't what your fireplace to look cluttered. The objects you choose to put there don't really matter as long as you like the way they look. The most common decorating objects used for the fireplace mantel are the candles. You can put one on each side so that they are symmetrical. You can also choose to place a mirror above the mantel. It will create more light in the room, especially when the candles are lit. Family photos, pictures of your children or pictures from your favorite vacations can also find their way on mantels. A nice pot of fresh flowers will work wonders on every room.

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Designers of contemporary fireplaces began to produce a variety of models. These models of fireplaces have adopted the minimalist style ideals of less is more as is common in today's home design. They have clean lines and significant glass features to create a luxurious piece of furniture for your home. They are both very functional as well as add warm ambiance to your living room or bedroom area. These fireplaces can be the focal point of any room and draw the attention to a wonderful art type piece that doesn't take up space where functional furniture is needed. Many of the new units are table or wall mounted so that the install is virtually instantaneous upon the fireplace entering your door.

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Modern contemporary fireplaces can use a range of modern eco friendly fuels to power the units. There are bio-fuel as well as gels, and modern fireplace designers are even offering electric powered options. Some fireplaces are made to be hung directly on the living room wall, while others are free standing units that fit nicely into a recess or cavity in the wall or even on the coffee table. The wall mounted electric contemporary fireplace has become the most sought after portable fireplace, because of the versatility. The installation is very easy, consists of finding a location, hanging it up, plugging it in, then turning it on for instant warmth and style, with some of the more new styles also having remote controls. You don't have to take those footsies out of the blanket to warm the room!